Top 12 Golf Blogs We Read and Recommend

Top 12 Golf Blogs We Read and Recommend

Individuals read blogs at work, at home and everywhere they can find a Wi-Fi connection because people want to bond. Often this connection involves a large element of interaction – by leaving comments and following the conversation. There are over 160 million blogs on the Internet. For golfers, you have over 25,000 blogs related to golf – playing, equipment, advice and course recommendations. As a regular golfer, you will want to read the best golf blogs, but how do you decide which to read regularly and those to ignore?
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Blogs are attractive for golfers because they provide a personal touch, which is missing while reading from an article in a magazine or a newspaper or watching television or YouTube.

The human being behind a blog is showing you their own personal character and opinion while offering tips or tricks, to help you improve your golfing.

Once you begin to follow a blog regularly, you will know that you are not alone and that you will be sharing your stories, not only with the people writing the blog, but with all of their readers across the globe. People are curious about the ideas individuals wish to share and look forward to a regular opportunity to find out more about their favorite subject.
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Here are our favorite 12 golf blogs. We won’t promise that you’ll love every single one, but we are quite sure that you will find a few that will inevitably become the regular golf blogs that you will read and recommend to others.

The List

The Sand Trap –

With constantly updated articles in the blog, forum and lots of useful articles it’s a website to have in favorites to check out more than once a week if not daily. Sign up to the forums to talk with other golfers, ask and receive replies.

The Hackers Paradise –

You certainly wouldn’t have guessed it’s about golf, but the tagline just nails it – “Don’t just play golf, live it!”.  Now, this is one of our favorite ones with a lot to browse and read, product reviews and announcements. It’s no doubt one of the leading golf blogs around and strongly recommended.

Golf and Course –

With an attractive look and fresh and coming content Golf and Course, lots of news, useful articles and graphics to keep anyone interested on and on. They also have their own list of 50 golf blogs.

GolfWRX –

Every month hundreds of thousands of people trust GolfWRX for the best golf information. From expert editorial reviews, breaking golf tour and industry news, what to play, how to play and where to play, GolfWRX is the new “go to” golf destination on the web.

MyGolfSpy –

It’s more than a golf blog, with a forum, buyer’s guide, reviews, and deals. With a lot of useful and fun reading MyGolfSpy it definitely in our list. Here is one such article you’ll surely like – 5 Ways To Get Your Lady To “Like” Golf!

GolfNow’s Blog –

We couldn’t skip this. While it’s part of a much larger website but the blog definitely keeps us entertained and with lots of useful golf tips and info.

Hitting the Green –

Rob aka GolfGuyRob – an avid golf enthusiast and golf tutor with over 40 years experience playing this beautiful but frustrating game. He also has a book which we haven’t read but let us know if you did.

Golf Girl’s Diary-

Patricia Hannigan is the Golf Girl. Her blog, “Golf Girl’s Diary,” was one of the first independent golf blogs edited by a woman and is now among the most popular golf blogs on the Internet.

GolfDash Blog –

Founded by John Diekmann and Doug Farrick back in 2006 GolfDash Blog is “dedicated to improving and enhancing your game through great deals, news, reviews and NO BS commentary”. Here is a great post about 101 ways to increase your golf power. 101 ways to increase your golf power.

ArmChair Golf Blog –

The author of two golf books, DRAW IN THE DUNES and THE LONGEST SHOT runs this blog o swap stories and celebrate the game of golf. If you want to stay updated, follow everything golf then subscribe to Neil Sagebiel’s blog.

GolfStinks –

Launched in 2009 features articles that don’t necessarily focus on the PGA Tour, but rather on content a true weekend hack could appreciate – from funny golf stories to hilarious (and sometimes serious) golf observations and insights, the Golf Stinks blog will keep you entertained throughout the week.

The Golf Blog –

Describing itself as “The No. 1 blog for all things golf”, The Golf Blog is up and running since 2004. We definitely will find lots of things to read through the more than 3600 posts there is for the last 10+ years.

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